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Chrome Excelsis Candle Follower (Burner)

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Product Number: 2000 CH
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No one likes cleaning up wax messes from dripping candles. And certainly no one likes to waste money replacing linens and having candles burn inefficiently. This is why candle followers, also referred to as candle burners, are a must. Followers allow the melted wax to pool and evaporate for a more even and cleaner burn. This reduces or eliminates dripping and lengthens the life of your candle. Candle followers save you time, energy and money. Solid wax candles that are not in some sort of container are not dripless. Burning candles with a follower can and will reduce or eliminate dripping when used in the proper environment.

These followers are available in bronze or brass. All three metal types are available in both a high polish mirror finish or a satin brushed finish. Excelsis burners are baked to ensure a long lasting, durable finish. Made in USA.

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