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Christus Rex Paschal Candles

Christus Rex Paschal Candle - 1 15/16" x 39"

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Product Number: 79861040
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Christus Rex Paschal Candle

This Paschal candle depicts Christus Rex (Christ the King). Tu Rex gloriae Christe. He reigns in our hearts forever. This design features fine metal leafing accented by stained glass designs set in traditional gothic frames. We worship Jesus as Christ the King. This is a most impressive design, presenting Jesus of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. All humanity will worship the Lord of the Ages. The beautiful leafing is all natural fine metal. The intertwined Alpha and Omega (Greek letters representing Jesus as The Beginning and the End) and Victorious Agnus Dei (The Lamb of God) are set in the windows. The Christus Rex Paschal candle from T.H. Stemper is a 51% beeswax candle so it will burn brighter and last longer.

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