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Brass Excelsis Elite Candle Follower (Burner)

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Product Number: 1124 BR
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Candle followers, sometimes called a candle burner, serve two purposes. As a candle melts, a follower moves down the candle allowing the liquid wax to pool and evaporate evenly and burn cleanly. This reduces or eliminates dripping saving you loads of time cleaning linens and also helps saves you money  by assuring the longest life out of your candle. Long story short - candle followers save you time, money and energy. Though some candle sellers will tell you differently, no solid candle is dripless. But when a candle follower is used in the right environment (indoors with no fans, air conditioners or heating vents blowing on them), dripping will be reduced or cease entirely.

These followers are also available in bronze or chrome. Please specify whether you prefer a high polish mirror finish or a satin brushed finish. Excelsis Elite burners feature a long lasting baked finish to extend the life of the finish. Manufactured in the USA.