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12 Apostles Paschal Candles

12 Apostles Paschal Candle - 1 15/16" x 39"

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Eximious Twelve Disciples Paschal Candle

Each and every Eximious 51% Beeswax Paschal Candle is made-to-order, master crafted with the finest beeswax formulation. Each is an individual work of art. Available in 17 different sizes and configurations, the candles depict the twelve Apostles gathered above and below the cross. The five wounds of Christ are depicted (three wounds in feet and hands, one in His side from the spear and the crown of thorn upon His head). The Eximious Paschal Candle is individually bench worked and hand tooled. Stunning, inspirational and intricate inlays, onlays and sculptured engravings grace the candle. The Apostles stand out in three dimensional relief. Various heights and widths are available. Select the precise candle you desire from the above drop-down menu. This superb candle has no sticker attached so it will be burn better, brighter and longer.

The disciples gather in reverence on this stunning 12 Apostle Eximious Paschal Candle from T.H. Stemper. Their group is presented in beautiful three-dimensional relief on the top and bottom of the candle. The gold chalice and IHS monogram set on the Eucharist depicts our celebration of His victory over death. This 12 Apostles Eximious Paschal Candle is an elegant presentation of the true meaning of the Last Supper, crucifixion and resurrection. The event was life-changing for the entire world. This Eximious Pascal candle is truly a unique piece of art, delicately and lovingly rendered by a dedicated artisan. It is fashioned with beautiful colored ax with no stickers. The stylized Greek Letters Alpha and Omega at the top of the candle proclaim His title “The Beginning and the End.” This 51% beeswax candle will glow more brightly and burn for a longer period of time than other waxes.

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