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100% Beeswax Candles - 1-1/16" x 16-3/4" SFE (Box of 12)

100% Beeswax Candles - 1-1/16" x 16-3/4"  SFE

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Product Number: 20020106
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Beeswax Candles Provide A Peaceful, Gracious Atmosphere

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100% Beeswax Candles #20020106 from T.H. Stemper Co. are 1-1/16" x 16-3/4" with a self-fitting end (SFE) with ridges to make them easier to place in a holder. They are available in boxes of twelve. Receiving a dozen at a time in each box makes them perfect and easy to use for weddings and other religious ceremonies calling for many candles. The high melting-point of beeswax means these wonderful candles will burn brightly throughout the service and remain strong, erect and attractive. The candles will look as good for the wedding photos after the service as they were when the bride first walked down the aisle. Their stunning white color is bleached – not dyed – so they will retain their beauty throughout the entire time you use them.

100% Beeswax Candles Generate A Quiet Sense Of Peaceful Calm

The impact of Beeswax Candles from T.H. Stemper Co. is powerful, but in a quiet and peaceful manner. The event immediately has a stronger spiritual impact, be it a Catholic Mass, Orthodox Divine Liturgy or Protestant Service. Any type of religious observance will achieve a higher level of quality. Beeswax candles burn longer and much more brightly than paraffin candles. Their flame is cleaner as well, with much less smoke or soot. They are completely unscented, so nothing will detract from the impact of the service itself. These advantages are all yours from T.H. Stemper at very reasonable prices. Even lower prices can be yours when you make higher quantity bulk purchases.

Explore the entire religious inventory at T.H. Stemper – including beautiful 100% Beeswax Altar Candles. 

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