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T.H. Stemper Supplies Liturgical Books for Religious Rites

T.H. Stemper is a premier supplier of literature to guide celebrants through the various rites and rituals of the Catholic Church. From sacraments of initiation to weekly rites, T.H. Stemper has quality liturgical books to inform the celebration of each rite.

With durable covers made from faux leather, cloth or vinyl, our Catholic Rites books come in a range of styles and price points. Our books of religious rites cover ceremonies including:

  • …and more

We also offer bilingual versions of many of our liturgical books.

Browse our selection of liturgical books and Catholic rites and place an order today!



The Order of Celebrating Matrimony

Beginning December 31st, 2016 every parish must adopt the new Catholic Rite of Marriage, which has been renamed as the Order of Celebrating Matrimony. T.H. Stemper is your online supplier of the Order of Celebrating Matrimony books.

From the Order of Celebrating Matrimony complete set to Matrimonial ritual cards or a variety of matrimonial  guides, we have all you need to help make the switch to this updated Catholic celebration.

Why wait? Buy the Order of Celebrating Matrimony today from T.H. Stemper and get started on this new tradition.