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Stempers’ Desert Palm Fronds for Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday Mass

Stempers is honored to provide your parish with palms from Texas and Florida just like those found in the Mediterranean region of the Holy Land. Palms unite your congregation with Christ’s original adorers of2000 years ago, who anticipated His rule of peace and greeted him into Jerusalem with palm branches. We carry a variety of palms to meet the needs of your Mass.

Traditional double palm strips are available in short or long length. The date palms are ideal for ornamentation because of intricate detail and lush green coloring. Line your hallways with palms to welcome and worship our Prince of Peace throughout the Lenten season.

Authentically Grown Church Palms

Our fan palms or bundled palm strips are harvested from desert palms for authenticity. They are wholesaled from an American company donating a portion of your purchase to local nonprofits. To promote environmental stewardship, each palm is grown to full maturity before harvest and then a new palm is planted in its place.

Distribute them in remembrance of the Great Procession or to decorate your chapel. After services, collect leftover palms to burn on Shrove Tuesday to create ashes for Ash Wednesday services.

Shop for Easter season supplies for your church at T.H. Stemper or get more information on ordering palm fronds for Palm Sunday.