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Gluten Free Altar Bread for Sale
Product Number: 7058 Gluten-Free Hosts  $16.50 FULL DESCRIPTION
Gluten-Free or Low-Gluten Communion Attachments for Ciboriums
Product Number: GL-215G GIFT Gluten Intolerant Faithful Thanksgiving Satin Gold  $175.00 FULL DESCRIPTION
gluten-free communion attachment for church vessels
Product Number: GL-215S GIFT Gluten Intolerant Faithful Thanksgiving Satin Silver  $210.00 FULL DESCRIPTION
Product Number: GLN-216 GIFT Gluten Intolerant Faithful Thanksgiving Amulet  $15.00 View Product FULL DESCRIPTION
Product Number: 138GF Gluten Free Hosts (1-3/8")  $13.50 FULL DESCRIPTION

Gluten Free Hosts for Sale at T.H. Stemper

Communion Bread Alternative for the Gluten-Sensitive

Holy Communion is meant to be shared with all parishioners, but for those with wheat gluten allergies or celiac disease, it has been difficult to partake in the sacrament of holy communion. The Vatican has recently ok'd the use of low gluten and gluten free hosts, giving relief to theses parishioners. 

T.H. Stemper offers a range of communion products for the gluten intolerant, including hosts, separate liturgical vessels to prevent gluten contamination and pendants to non-verbally communicate the need for a separate host.

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