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Outdoor Nativity Sets for Churches

Creche Scenes for Use Outdoors withstand the Elements

Everybody loves nativity sets. For some, they are the highlight of the Christmas season. This year, don’t set up the same old figures you’ve been using for years. Give your congregation a real present with an amazingly huge nativity set.

Made out of fiberglass resin and coated in durable, exterior paint, our selection of large size, outdoor nativity scenes is sure to please. All sets include everything you need for an impressive crèche:

  • The Holy Family: Jesus, Mary and Joseph
  • The Three Wise Men: Caspar, Balthasar and Melchior
  • An Angel
  • A Shepherd
  • Several Animals

Life Size or Half Size, Big Nativity Scenes Get Noticed

Our selection includes nativity sets with figurines ranging from just over 2.5’ tall up to an astonishing, life size 5’. Well painted and eye-catching, your congregation, especially the children, will love having such large figures in this year’s Christmas nativity scene.

Used outdoors, passersby will notice your beautiful nativity set.

Expertly painted and carefully posed, these nativity figures are works of art. Traditional color schemes are used throughout, guaranteeing your figures never go out of style or need to be repainted. The Infant Jesus is removable from the manger on some sets, letting you set up the crèche during Advent and complete it on Christmas.

Nativity Scenes Look Great in Church Yards and on your Home’s Front Lawn

Designed for use outdoors by religious institutions, our giant nativity sets are also look great outside private homes. Make your front yard stand out this Christmas season with an impressive, giant nativity.

Very limited quantities of each set are available.
Do not hesitate to order yours today before they are all gone!