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51% Beeswax Candles

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Altar Candles for Catholic and Orthodox Churches Made of 51% Pure Beeswax

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Beeswax candles have many benefits over paraffin candles. They burn cleaner, longer, brighter and are free of toxins and other impurities. Unfortunately, they are significantly more expensive per candle than the more common waxes.

51% beeswax candles are an affordable way to get the benefits of beeswax without breaking the bank.

You’ll love using clean burning beeswax candles in place of sooty paraffin ones. Less mess also spares your sacristans from cleaning the altar cloths week after week. Just be sure to use a candle follower on all 51% beeswax candles you burn. They are required to ensure a smooth, even melt.

Longer Burn Times Save Money in the Long Run

Monetary concerns lead many pastors to buy cheaper paraffin candles instead of beeswax ones. While the initial investment in non-beeswax candles may be lower, beeswax candles actually save money in the long run.

Longer burn times mean you’ll burn fewer 51% beeswax candles, saving your congregation money.

The bright, beautiful light provided by natural beeswax candles is surprisingly affordable. When tightening church expenditures, you’ll find you will save money by purchasing 51% beeswax candles instead of stearin or paraffin.

Allergy Friendly, Fewer Additives and Clean Burning 51% Beeswax Candles

Besides their remarkable affordability, 51% beeswax candles offer several additional benefits over standard paraffin candles. 51% beeswax candles contain far fewer additives and dyes because they are made mainly from all natural beeswax.

Allergy and asthma sufferers can breathe easy when their church uses 51% beeswax candles.

Candles made from beeswax are very clean burning, improving air quality for people with respiratory problems. And, since there’s less soot, you won’t have to worry about cleaning the walls and ceiling of your church, either.

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