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Celebrating Sunday for Catholic Families 2017-2018
Product Number: CSCF18 Celebrating Sunday for Catholic Families 2017-2018 Price as low as: $3.50 FULL DESCRIPTION
Product Number: 11-2018 ORDO - Chicago Edition - 2018  $17.95 FULL DESCRIPTION
Product Number: 40-2018 ORDO - Spanish Edition - 2018  $17.95 FULL DESCRIPTION
Product Number: 85/04 Handbook for Proclaimers of the Word - 2018 Year (B) Price as low as: $9.95 FULL DESCRIPTION
Product Number: AG18SL El año de gracia 2018 (Cuaderno laminado)  $4.00 FULL DESCRIPTION

Annual Liturgical Publications at T.H. Stemper: Workbooks and Resources for Proclaimers of the Word

Those who have the privilege of proclaiming the Gospel at Christian Mass need to be skilled in accurate reading and pronunciation, while putting appropriate emphasis on words and phrases to appropriately spread God’s Good News. A deep understanding and focus is required to reach attendees, and often a cold reading of the Gospel isn’t enough to get its message across.

Lectors, teachers, and students alike benefit from liturgical training books and resources sold by T.H. Stemper.  These immersive texts delve deep into the meanings of Biblical passages, psalms, and responses to more fully engage readers and listeners – helping everyone integrate the Gospel into their everyday lives as well as during mass.Child studying bible

Our annual liturgical books are ideal for:

  • Parish groups
  • Priests and Deacons
  • Families
  • Ministers of the Liturgy
  • Lectors and Cantors
  • Adult, teen, and kids Scripture study
  • Catechumens and celebrants
  • and more

T.H. Stemper sells a wide range of religious literature – browse our selection today!



Biblical Study Aids for Teens and Children

T.H. Stemper provides a wealth of resources for Catholic Schools and religious educators to provide students with historical backgrounds and helpful reference materials to help guide their bible study. Our selection of liturgical guides aid in informing the traditions of Roman Catholic prayer giving them a sturdy base on which to build their worship. 

Books for Theological Instructors and CCD Teachers

Guiding students through catechism is made easier with supporting biblical texts like those offered by T.H. Stemper. Weekly gospel reflections, commentary, and historical backgrounds make applying the lessons of the Gospel fun and educational.

Spanish Language Liturgical Books

To better serve parishioners for whom Spanish is the primary language, we sell Spanish language versions of the quality resources for liturgical study and guidance through Scripture readings. Attendees of the sui iuris Latin Church will benefit from the same essential source material and biblical study guide features in Spanish Language annual scripture study books from T.H. Stemper.

Peruse all of T.H. Stemper’s religious literature available for purchase online.